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60 min
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English Pronunciation Focus-0

Pronunciation is the first thing people notice when you speak a language. This class will focus on helping learners work on and improve their pronunciation of letters, words, and sentences.

What you'll learn

Lesson 1&2
   Schwa Function 

Lesson 2&3
   Fricative Consonants 
   Sentence Stress / Tonic Syllable 
   Long Vowels  

Lesson 4&5
   Silent consonants 
   Syllables in Words 
   Plosive Consonants 

Lesson 6
   Glottal Stop 
   Silent Syllables 
   Silent Letters 

Lesson 7
   Approximant Consonants 
   Weak sounds 
   Vowel Joining 

Lesson 8
   Vowel Sounds 
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This class is perfect for

Persons looking to improve their English pronunciation who would like to speak more fluently.

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

An interest in the topic!
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Rukayya Nasidi

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I am currently working towards my bachelor's degree, but I do have a TEFL certificate. I developed an interest in teaching in high school when I started tutoring; this was in 2017. I do speak 3 languages English, Hausa, and German, and I am currently trying to learn French. I understand learning a new language can be frustrating, challenging, and time-consuming. Because of my experience learning another language, I know the difficulties that language students face while learning. Learning a language should be Easy, Fun, Engaging, and Affordable!

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