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English Grammar / İngilizce gramer / Грамматика Английского языка

What you'll learn

We can look at any grammar topic you want, improve your pronunciation or reading and listening skills at these lessons.

This class is perfect for

For everyone who wants to learn English with fun or just to practice English
Learn ,language-and-culture.english, with Vusal F | Amphy

Meet Vusal Fahradov,

Your teacher

Learning and teaching languages are some of my passions. Beside my native language Azerbaijani I know Turkish, English, Russian and a little bit German. Although my professional field is English tutoring, I also give online lessons in Turkish and Russian. My Turkish is as perfect as my native language. Since my childhood I have always been delighted to explain something to other people. Einstein says: ‘If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.’ Explaining something in a simple way is one of my abilities that I really trust.

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