Dealing With Fears When Changing Your Life

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60 min
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Explore and strive despite being scared. In this interactive workshop you’ll contact your fears and get tools to overcome them.

What you'll learn

What do we really fear?

As babies we have 2 fundamental fears, of being dropped and of loud noises. 

That 's it…

So how come, as adults we are full of insecurities and paralyzing thoughts? Well, there are more things at play now. 

Just as when we were babies, we can trace back (most of) our fears to two fundamental categories. Which are those? How can we dissect your own fear and learn to strive despite it? Get these answers and more in our workshop:

- What are the 2 fundamental adult fears?
- The edge of your comfort zone
- 3 ways to work with your fears
- What to do next time fear kicks in

This workshop is designed to talk about fear in a friendly and chill way, to make it a safe environment for questions and learning strategies. There is a focus on interaction and immediate implementation in breakout rooms. Beware... you may be pushed out of your comfort zone.

This class is perfect for

Those who have doubts about taking a step out of their comfort zone, but know it's what they need.
Learn ,, with Carolina G | Amphy

Meet Carolina Greno,

Your teacher

I have a purpose, to help individuals live intentional lives. And found a wonderful tool to aid me: Psychology. I have been studying (and living) it for over 13 years. I hold Master's from the University of Groningen, and (most importantly) know hundreds of stories from my life and the people I crossed paths with. Because knowledge without experience is incomplete, I also make sure to live a life of intention. Curiosity leads me through strange paths, from settling in a new continent to being a digital nomad. I think life is the greatest teacher and I squeeze every bit of learning I can from every experience.

What to bring

Pen and paper for notes!

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