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An online interactive course hosted by an options and stocks trader with more than 15 years of experience. Here I will present to you a simple strategy of trading options on the USA markets that bears minimal risk compared to its profit potential.

What you'll learn

This is a course for those of you who seek their own financial freedom. In this online workshop I will give you a solid knowledge for day trading index (and stock) options on the USA markets. We will not focus on complicated stuff such as delta/gamma, etc. In the strategy I teach here one can trade options just as trading stocks. However, the profit potential of the options is much bigger and my aim here is to show you how to take advantage of this opportunity.

In its most simple form (1 to3 classes) of this course, I will make you familiar with the strategy - all the foundation you need to know in order to successfully navigate through it. I will explain on a human language :) what options are and how they could often provide us with greater opportunities than stocks or indexes. You will know what one needs to start to succeed in this field. I will show how to minimize risk while at the same time maximize the profit potential. 

In its extensive versions (4 or more classes) we will get deeper into details about the strategy and I will show you how to put the knowledge in practice. During our online meetings you will get familiar with what to avoid and how to not fall in some common traps which could cost you a lot. You will know how to read options chains, which one are better suited to the strategy, when to enter or exit deals, will get also familiar with some simple but effective technical trading patterns.

This interactive course also covers some solid technical analysis tools in its most extended version, i.e. if you you get 8 to 12 classes. Those could help you refine the knowledge you get here in order to make more profitable deals.

This is a course for you if you seek a strategy that is not so popular, yet financially sound and logical. It is as close to "buy low sell high" as it could ever get. 

At the end of our session there will be an additional Q&A session of about 30 mins in which you may ask any questions left unanswered during the live course.

This class is perfect for

Anyone interested in increasing their financial freedom and utilizing the huge profit potential options have without taking unreasonable risk.
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Meet Emil Emilov,

Your teacher

Off-line courses on currencies trading and technical analysis; About 20 years of experience in trading, investment analysis and portfolio management; Finance professional; Practical experience in trading currencies, stocks, options, crypto; Always fascinated by the way money moves through markets.

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