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75 min
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Whether you are new to the dating scene, or haven't been getting the results you desire, this class is for you!

What you'll learn

Modern dating has changed significantly over the last10 years and it has become increasingly more difficult to date intentionally and successfully while navigating many of the online dating pitfalls. This 4 part series will give you the jump start necessary to enter the dating scene with confidence and clarity and if you are currently dating it will provide you with  the tools you need to start seeing the results you desire. 

From getting clear about what it is you want in a partner and future relationship,  having a healthy mindset, getting rid of limiting beliefs, breaking old dating patterns that no longer serve you, having strong communication skills, great listening skills to having a kick ass online dating profile that will attract exactly what you're looking for. Let's level up your dating life together in a safe, fun and informative space!

Class runs on Monday nights from March 7th to the 28th at 8:00pm EST.

This class is perfect for

All single individuals who have an interest in dating, or are currently dating, but can't seem to find that right connection.
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Meet Shantelle Canzanese,

Your teacher

If you find yourself stuck in a dating rut, are experiencing anxiety, keep getting the same results, procrastinating in the love department, self sabotaging, can't get your dating profile right, or have trouble keeping the momentum going, let me help you get back on track, so you can start seeing results. Now let's get started!

What to bring

Please come to class with a pen, notebook and an open mind :)

How to participate

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