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1.5 hour
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Working on a memorised monologue from a classical or early modern piece.

What you'll learn

Each student will perform a memorised monologue from a classical or early modern piece (anything from antiquity until the mid-1800s is appropriate for this class). The teacher will provide feedback, redirects, and work with the student to make them more comfortable auditioning using the piece they've selected. (Time permitting, there may be some comments from other students allowed.) 

We will talk about what types of auditions the chosen pieces would be appropriate for. If the student has a specific audition coming up, we will focus on getting the piece audition ready. We will discuss angles such as script analysis, objectives, and setting yourself mentally in place to perform the monologue in an audition context vs a show context. 

This is a group class, so students will be performing for the teacher and for other students. (If you are looking for a private coaching, please look at my other class listings! You can also check my other class listings for a contemporary monologue class and a music theatre audition class.)

This class is perfect for

actors of any level
Learn ,art-and-music.acting-and-drama, with Lyn B | Amphy

Meet Lyn Briggs,

Your teacher

I have over 10 years of performance experience and continue to perform now. I have directed and produced shows, taught small classes, taught private voice lessons, and dabbled in various theatre-related subjects. If you're looking for audition prep, monologue or song coaching, or advice on how to choose a song or monologue that fits your voice and goals, you have come to the right person!

What to bring

A way to take notes (either digitally or pen and paper)
A link to the monologue text, if available.

How to participate

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