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Private Chess Training - Basic Chess Strategy

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Learn basic chess strategy from a former child prodigy. One of the top 3 in Canada! Private chess training is the industry's secret to improving your game. Book this online chess lesson now and start winning chess games!

What you'll learn

Want quick, convenient, and powerfully helpful chess training? If you want to improve your chess game without wasting time this 30-minute online chess lesson is for you. We'll practice chess 1-on-1 giving you the undivided attention you need. Private online chess lessons give you an advantage over other players. We will be able to target your chess strategy's weak points.  We'll spend extra time on basic chess strategies that are more difficult for you to grasp.
Learning basic chess strategy gives you an advantage over the opponent. A strategy helps you take advantage of your opponent's mistakes while avoiding your own. This online chess lesson covers a few basic chess strategies. As your skill progresses we will be able to learn new and more advanced tactics.
Basic chess strategies we can learn include:
Fools Mate
This is the fastest checkmate possible. The black pieces can do this checkmate if the white player isn't careful.
A fork is a strategy where one piece positions itself to threaten two enemy pieces at the same time. Usually, the player using a fork wants to take one of the two enemy pieces. Either way, it puts the other player in a tricky situation.
Pins are where the player cannot move a certain piece without exposing a more valuable piece to threats. This can trick the opponent into moving the lesser valuable piece to defend it. If he makes this mistake you are free to take his now exposed more valuable piece.
Another basic chess strategy is using skewers. This involves taking advantage of perfectly lined up pieces. Two of the enemy pieces can be lined up giving one piece the opportunity to take both pieces.
Pawn Structure
Also known as pawn skeleton, this is a strategy based on where the pawns move to. Because they have such limited mobility players must move the pawns in a strategic way. This could impact who wins and who loses.
Price Activity
More or less this is how active a piece can be based on how many squares it can move. Paying attention to where pieces can move helps determine the value of each piece.
King Safety
Possibly the most important basic chess strategy is King safety. If the other player takes your king the game ends and you've lost. Keeping the king exposed to enemy pieces can lose you the game. Learn the strategies to keep your king safe.
Analyze games both wins and losses
Players can learn a lot from reviewing games. In this online chess lesson, we will analyze games you, I, and grandmasters have played. Improve your game through analysis by seeing what they did right, did wrong, and how things could have gone differently.
By completing my chess training students can improve chess ratings, gameplay, and skills. Don't go in blind and hope for the best. Take my class and quickly learn the basic chess strategy needed to be the best!

We will start every class with the correction of the homework I gave in the last session!
I will answer every question you have and you will learn new material every class :)

This class is perfect for

Chess fans.
Anyone who wants to improve their chess skills.

Your Teacher

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When I was younger, I enrolled in every chess lesson my school offered. I quickly classed in the top 3 of Quebec and Canada (number 1 in the last two years I played). I competed until the under 16 age category, where I stopped playing. I now love to share my knowledge of this amazing game! I've been teaching chess for almost 3 years now. I've taught in elementary schools, high schools, clubs, libraries, and in private lessons. I also have experience with tutoring, teaching french, and animation. Can't wait to meet you in class!

What students need

A zoom account and a account !

How to participate

Simply click the link in your confirmation email to join the video call.
Note: Be sure to download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device before your scheduled class.

Class Reviews

5.0 (2)
  • Alweena K

    It was so much fun taking her class.She explained everything in detail.I would highly recommend her!

    5 out of 5

  • Zoey L

    Ms. Lea is very nice very patient, also a very good chess teacher

    5 out of 5