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Learn how to play chess from a national championship-winner chess coach. We'll focus on some of the best chess openings that will set the game up for you to win. This is a fun and interesting place for live online chess lessons.

What you'll learn

Here you will learn how to play chess and some basic chess openings. In these private 1-on-1 chess lessons, I personalize the criteria to fit your needs. If there is an area of chess you need to work on we will focus on that.
Chess openings are the beginning of the game and can affect the outcome of the rest of the game. Committing a few to memory can help you both defend against the opponent's strategy and to play out one of your own. Live chess lessons will train you in exactly that.
With private 1-on-1 classes, I'm able to focus on your needs. Each student receives the individual care they need to improve their chess game. Some people need help thinking ahead, some need to work on their endgame, whatever it is we will tackle it. A personal touch is all one needs sometimes to really unlock their true potential.
We'll analyze openings of either your games or professional competing chess players. By analyzing games we'll be able to learn from their best and worst moves.
It's important to break a chess game down into phases because there is an enormous amount of possible moves. There are 400 different possible boards after each player moves once. After three moves each there becomes over 9 million possible positions. and after each player makes for moves it opens 318 billion different board positions. Obviously, no human can calculate all these moves in their head. That's why you need strategy and tactics for each phase of chess.
Beginner chess openings we can learn include:
-London System
-Danish Gambit
-Italian Game (Giuoco Piano)
-Smith-Morra Gambit
-Queen’s Gambit (made famous by the hit Netflix series)
-Scandinavian Defense
-French Defense
-Sicilian Dragon
Learning one or two of these openings can give you a big advantage over the opponent. It takes time to learn all of the chess openings but you have the rest of your life to do that. Let's start these chess lessons at the start and work our way to being tournament champions.
Old strategies and tactics need to be constantly updated. Even a grandmaster can lose to a novice if the novice is using a thinking system or strategy unknown to the grandmaster.
Let's play chess together and learn the ins and outs of this beautiful game.

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Meet Ana Berke,

Your teacher

I have some good results. I won the national championship twice and I played for the national team a few times. I have a lot of experience in chess coaching too. My biggest coaching experience was working in the Dubai chess club as a professional chess coach.

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