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60 min
Private Class
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We will work on all Types of Middlegames and general improvement. In this private 1-on-1 class, you get the individual care you need. Learn chess, master the chess middlegame and have fun.

What you'll learn

Middlegames are the core of chess. Learn chess middlegame and you will have the strategy for the bulk of the game.  
In this class, you will learn about several areas of the chess middlegame including:

-Attacking the castled king
-Art of positional play
-Creating long term strategies
-Mixed motifs in dynamic chess
and much more.

If you want to learn chess in a systematic way then this is the place for you. Chess is a very strategically oriented game. Yes, it helps to think a few moves ahead but advanced players hardly rely on memorization. Because of the massive amount of possible board positions strategy needs to be used to win games. Even a Grandmaster can't keep hundreds of millions of possible outcomes in the back of their head. That's why the chess game is broken up into 3 phases each with its own theory and strategy.
It's important to learn tactics and strategies for the chess middlegame to help you make faster game decisions. Instead of rethinking what to do after every move made based on calculations, you can rely on strategies that you can apply to every game. Making quick moves keeps your opponent thinking and you in charge. The longest move in chess of all time took 2 hours and 20 minutes to make. It was on the 7th move of a game played by Brazillian Grandmaster Trois. It's definitely not ideal to take that long.

The middlegame is where all the action takes place in a chess game. It is possible to win a game during the opening but if that doesn't happen, you move on to chess middlegame. This is the phase of the game where players try to control the centerboard and have a castled king. Players will get as many strong pieces into play as possible while protecting the king. It's important to have a strong pawn structure as well, that way you have no weaknesses. Both sides battle it out until only the king and a handful of other pieces are in play. Once most of the pieces are captured except for the king, the endgame starts. This class will focus on the middlegame and all the tactics you need to survive and dominate in this phase.

Book a class with me today and become a legend in chess. Impress your friends and family with proper chess strategies. Compete in tournaments with professional challengers and win games. Whatever your goals are this class can help with it. Let's play chess!

This class is perfect for

Anyone who wants to learn Chess core Middlegames and improve overall game.
Learn ,chess.chess, with Harshal P | Amphy

Meet Harshal Patil,

Your teacher

I am into chess for more than 10 years now. I have played many national and international level chess tournaments. I have been teaching chess for 4 years.

What to bring

Good internet connection.

How to participate

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