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Live online chess lessons with an expert coach. A weekly focused group aimed at improving your chess thought process. I'll help you build your chess thinking system to play more tactically.

What you'll learn

My approach is based on principles and logic. To play chess well you must develop your thought process. A good thinking system is your best friend when playing against skilled opponents. 
In this computer age, far too many players study chess in a robotic fashion without really understanding the moves. People are not computers and thus must learn to play chess like a human with a heart and soul. My aim is to instill a love and passion for chess, and a desire to continuously improve. Join me and I will coach you on your journey in chess.

chess is the best game to learn. Chess lessons are great fun because there is a never-ending amount to learn about. It takes 5 minutes to learn how to play chess and a lifetime to master. Why is there so much to learn in chess? The infinite amount of moves and positions is what makes it this way. The amount of possible moves, combinations, and boards you can see in chess is in the billions. This complex nature of chess means that you could never study enough to know every single position. Chess players need to learn pattern recognition and strategy to outplay opponents.

Did you know that chess is good for you?
Not only are chess lessons fun but they also yield serious benefits to your mental health. Playing chess helps develop your cognitive abilities. You can think of it as a sort of mental workout. Do you know how people go to the gym to work out their bodies and get stronger? Well, chess players can take chess lessons with a chess coach to get mentally stronger. The game has been shown to increase useful attributes like memory, critical thinking, problem-solving, goal setting, and more. If you want a fun and engaging way to boost your mental abilities while meeting people chess lessons is the thing for you.

There is no better way to stay consistent and productive than getting a chess coach. A chess coach is a perfect guide to expanding your chess knowledge and skill. A chess coach can analyze your game and help you improve your weak points. Even the best chess players in the world like Magnus Carleson take advantage of chess coaches.  

Book a live online class with me today to finally reach your chess goals. Improve your overall understanding and think in the proper way to win titles. We'll learn a human way of playing chess that is as rewarding as it is fun.

This class is perfect for

Anyone who is interested in improving their chess skills.
Chess fans and players looking to understand the game of chess better.
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Meet Clyde Wolpe,

Your teacher

My focus is on helping chess players develop their potential. I provide chess coaching for all levels and ages. I run an International Chess Academy based in South Africa Author of 'The Power of Chess' and 'Powerful Chess Insights'

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