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Let's play chess! In this 20 minute live online chess class we'll learn how to play chess. Get familiar with the basic rules, chess pieces, and more. It's fun and challenging!

What you'll learn

You will quickly learn how to play chess. If you already know the chess basics like how to move every piece, then we'll move on to other chess for beginners areas. This class will serve as an introduction to my chess coaching. After this class, don’t wait to book your next class and dive deep into the chess world. It will be fun, entertaining, challenging, and rewarding.

To quickly learn how to play chess for beginners we will learn the following:

-How to set up a chessboard
-Which color makes the first move
-How to move each piece
-How to win a game
-Chess basics including tactics and strategy

How long does it take to learn chess?

It doesn't take long to learn how to play chess. The chess basics are easy. What takes a long time is mastering the game. Although you can learn the rules in 20 minutes, becoming a master can be a lifelong goal. Start playing now and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. You could discover a passion or hobby for the rest of your life.

Is it good to play chess?

Chess has shown benefits from playing by increasing cognitive abilities. Chess players can enjoy the benefits of chess by playing games. Such benefits include improved problem solving, faster decision making, concentration, pattern recognition, increased attention span, and more.

Ever seen older folks in the park playing chess? You'll notice that despite their age they are still sharp-minded and motivated. This is from the many chess games they've played in their lifetime.

You don't often see older people getting out of the house and socializing with friends. Pick up chess playing now and you can be active mentally and socially well into your old age too.

So what are you waiting for? Book this 20-minute class now and get started with chess. There's so much to learn and so much fun to be had. Become a chess player today and learn why countless people around the world are obsessed with this game for years and years.

This class is perfect for

Chess beginners
Anyone who wants to try something new
Learn ,chess.chess, with Ana B | Amphy

Meet Ana Berke,

Your teacher

I have some good results. I won the national championship twice and I played for the national team a few times. I have a lot of experience in chess coaching too. My biggest coaching experience was working in the Dubai chess club as a professional chess coach.

How to participate

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