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We will work on technical endgames as well as practical endgames which are common. This class will teach you how to get better at chess by perfecting the last phase of chess.

What you'll learn

Chess endgame improves your overall understanding of the game of chess. Improving it is how to get better at chess. We will work on the art of outplaying your opponent in endgames. The goal in the chess endgame is to get a checkmate and win the game. By learning the tactics for the chess endgame your skill level rises and you will win more games. Having a chess coach to guide you is the best way to improve your endgame. 

We can also work on all basic endings which all rated players must know to play on a high level. Taking my class is a great step towards your chess goals. Whether you want to beat titled players, impress your friends and family, or you’re fascinated by chess, this is the class for you. A live chess coach gives you that outside perspective you need, even if you're very skilled. A Chess coach can point out your blunders and opportunities that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

So we know that improving endgames is how to get better at chess, but what exactly is the endgame? When does it start and end and why's it so important? After the openings and middlegame comes the endgame. This phase starts when most of the pieces have been captured. Usually, only the king and a handful of pawns remain in play. You can already imagine how hard it is to put your opponent in checkmate with very few pieces to work with. Learning strong strategies for endgame is the best way to do it. With a good strategy, you can tactically put your opponent in checkmate. The endgame can either end in a draw with no one winning, or a winner who captures the king and gets a checkmate.

Learn how to get better at chess with me as we master the chess endgame. We'll practice the best endings that every player needs to know. If you want to improve your finishing chess games skills then this is the place for you. Let's get started and play some chess! 

This class is perfect for

Anyone who wants to learn Chess openings and Opening Gambits.
Learn ,chess.chess, with Harshal P | Amphy

Meet Harshal Patil,

Your teacher

I am into chess for more than 10 years now. I have played many national and international level chess tournaments. I have been teaching chess for 4 years.

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