CFA Exam Prep (Levels 1​,​ 2​,​ and 3) & Grad Tutoring

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CFA Exam Prep (Levels 1, 2, and 3) & Grad Tutoring-0CFA Exam Prep (Levels 1, 2, and 3) & Grad Tutoring-1
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CFA Exam Prep (Levels 1, 2, and 3) & Grad Tutoring-0

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Learn CFA exam topics you need to pass your CFA exam and perform in your financial career!

What you'll learn

We will focus on the topics you need to know to pass the CFA exams level 1, 2, and 3. 

If you wish, we can also focus on other MFin, MBA, MS in Accounting, MS in Economics, CFP, CAIA, FRM, CPA, CQF, data science, math, statistics, and actuarial exam topics, including stocks, bonds, options, corporate finance, financial planning, portfolio management, statistics, ethics, Time-series, Cross-Section, Bayesian regression and statistics, stochastic partial differential equations (SDE, SPDE, PDE, ODE), multivariate calculus, vector calculus, and sequences and series.

This class is perfect for

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Chartered Financial Planner (CFP), Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Masters of Finance (MFin), Series 66 exam candidates
Learn ,business-and-finance.stock-investment, with Lewis W | Amphy

Meet Lewis Wilkins, CFA,

Your teacher

An official CFA charterholder, I have successfully passed and tutored clients and friends for all levels of the CFA exam. I have also served on the CFA Society of Washington Programming and Education Committee. In addition to demonstrated accomplishment within the CFA program and 12 years of university credit, I have completed Attilio Meucci's Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management bootcamp twice, a far more quantitatively advanced program supported by the CFA Institute and CFA chapters worldwide, and have completed the University of Chicago's second-year PhD-level Coursera course in Asset Pricing, which includes extensive experience working with portfolio analysis. My professional background includes three years of experience at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, conducting policy work and research spanning the subject areas of the CFA exams, years of private tutoring across almost all of the subject areas of the CFA exams, consulting services related to CFA subject topics for the CFA program, and TA-ing classes including Applied Financial Derivatives and Econometrics. All of this accomplishment is founded on a strong academic background comprising literally dozens of courses and research conferences in economics, finance, accounting, and quantitative methods, which provide insight into the CFA program and help me to connect the key CFA topic areas with other parts of your academic and professional background to help you understand and succeed in taking the CFA exam.

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