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Personal Career Coach with Cassandra V | Amphy

Personal Career Coach

We will create a solid plan for you to embark on a solid career.

What you'll learn

In this class, I will help you one on one to create impactful job search material, where and how to conduct a job search, networking tips, and what skills you need to help you earn a great job.

This class is perfect for

People looking for a step up in their career, someone who is looking for some assistance with how to progress in their career

Your Teacher

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I have taught for over 20 years. I teach a variety of students and I adjust my style to match and optimize learning. I have taught at 2 post-secondary institutions and taught dozens of business and managerial-focused courses. I have created courses for 2 post-secondary institutions. The courses I have taught include: - Occupational health and safety - Orientation and onboarding - Recruitment and selection - Career preparation - Employment management - Investigations - Employment legislation - Introduction to human resources I have taught many science courses as well: - Zoology - Invertebrate development - Cellular Biology - Biology - Genetics - Highschool Biology

What students need

Any job search documents that you have, and ideas on potential jobs that you want.

How to participate

Simply click the link in your confirmation email to join the video call.
Note: Be sure to download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device before your scheduled class.