Building Passive Income from Skills

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Building Passive Income from Skills-0Building Passive Income from Skills-1
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60 min
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Building Passive Income from Skills-0

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In this class, we will explore how to grow your passive income through taking advantage of skills you already have.

What you'll learn

We will go in depth into discovering a new source of revenue from skills you already hone.

1. Opportunity Analysis 
In this portion, we will meet and understand what key areas of interest you have. Before this class, I will share a link for you to fill in some of the skill areas you have to ensure the space is functional. We will then go into opportunities in the skillset area. 

2. Value Proposition
Here we will go further into the different opportunities available to ensure you can effectively tap into an area within the industry. Through my background, I will also make recommendations that are international (while we also explore opportunities in your local area).

3. Goal setting
Once identified, we will go into setting goals for ensuring you keep the ball rolling. Some of the subjects we will cover will include the resources you may require (options to have this as a non-barrier), and how to get your project into execution. 

4. Assessment
We will have a monthly analysis on progress and any questions you may have. This is to ensure there is accountability and we get you to your final goal. 

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Learn ,,, with Silvia N | Amphy

Meet Silvia Njoki,

Your teacher

I have been a freelance artist for the past 7 years and 3 years ago I started teaching my skills. My focus has been a balance of art and business. Showing how individuals can incorporate skills from business to develop their passion. This has been successful in posting classes and YouTube videos to my audience. I must admit, I thoroughly enjoy the process.

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