Bible Translations will Hurt You. Here's Why

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Bible Translations will Hurt You. Here's Why-0Bible Translations will Hurt You. Here's Why-1Bible Translations will Hurt You. Here's Why-2
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45 min
Group Class
Bible Translations will Hurt You. Here's Why-0

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What you don't know about Bible Translations will cause misleading beliefs.

What you'll learn

You will see with your own eyes various Bible translation divergences. You will learn why they are erroneous and where they lead to miscomprehension.

This class is perfect for

Everyone at all level
Learn ,language-and-culture.hebrew,, with Sam K | Amphy

Meet Sam Kneller,

Your teacher

I've taught the Bible for 45+ years with the unique method 7 Keys to Master Biblical Hebrew... with no-fuss for 10+ years.

What to bring

The desire to learn.
Following the free course, "Essential Tools to Unleash Bible Understanding" would be helpful.
Students will need to use a laptop or PC to attend classes.
A stable Wi-Fi connection.
A webcam and microphone.

How to participate

emailHead to your confirmation email or booking page, and click the button to join the stream.
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