Basics of drawing and sketching for beginners

with Verified Teacher
Basics of drawing and sketching for beginners-0Basics of drawing and sketching for beginners-1Basics of drawing and sketching for beginners-2
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30 min
Group Class
Basics of drawing and sketching for beginners-0

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In this class you will learn how to START drawing and sketching, I purposely highlighted START, so do not worry even if you are an absolute beginner.

What you'll learn

Here in this class I will take you through my different processes of drawing and sketching in a way that you will perfectly understand and will be able to practice on your own

I will teach you how to sketch objects accurately
How to develop and sketch your own ideas
advice and materials and others

through webcams I would be able to watch you practice whilst giving personalised tips

This class is perfect for

Beginners in drawing
Learn ,art-and-music.painting-and-drawing, with Victor G | Amphy

Meet Victor Gombawai,

Your teacher

I taught a lot of students how to draw both physically and online and that is something I really enjoy. educating and enlightening cannot be over-emphasized.

What to bring

eraser ( non-dust preferably)
cutter or sharpener

How to participate

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