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60 min
Group Class
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Together, we will breakdown the different elements of how to NAIL your next audition!

What you'll learn

*Please know that this is a group class and you will be performing in front of others. This is a group class that promotes growth and getting out of your comfort zone. Please be respectful of the other performers in this class.*
As a group, we will go through a short vocal and body warm-up, to make sure our voices and bodies are warm and ready to go.
After warm-up, each individual will have 15 minutes to perform their piece they are auditioning with (32 bar cut (1 minute of music) OR a 1 minute monologue). I will then give you my notes and address any questions you have about auditioning and the audition experience.

This class is perfect for

The individual who wants feedback before their big audition!
Learn ,art-and-music.acting-and-drama, with Lili R | Amphy

Meet Lili Roussakis,

Your teacher

I have many years of experience teaching children/adults of all ages, in various settings. I have my Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Carleton University, which was a program where I studied vocal performance and vocal education for five years. Many of my students have gotten into prestigious high school and college musical theatre programs, including Sheridan College in Canada.

What to bring

An audio interface
Paper and a writing utensil for taking notes

How to participate

emailHead to your confirmation email or booking page, and click the button to join the stream.
zoom callIf you haven’t already, download Zoom for free on your computer or smartphone in advance.