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Music Mastering

withJosh S

Learn how to Master your new song, NB: For best results, send it to me ahead of time and we can work on it together

What you'll learn

Mastering a track is a mysterious aspect of music production, but one that is essential to ensure your new release gets the attention it deserves. 

I will teach you the fundamentals of Mastering music, as well as interesting choices you can make, to bring out different frequencies and add that extra flare to your work.

This class is perfect for

Those looking to learn more about Mastering music 

Your Teacher

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My background is mainly in Electronica, EDM and Downtempo music. Through my record label "Audionautic Records" I have worked with, mixed and mastered for some of the most dynamic artists in the electronic community.

What students need

A song in need of Mastering. A working DAW with knowledge of how to use it

How to participate

Simply click the link in your confirmation email to join the video call.
Note: Be sure to download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device before your scheduled class.