Acoustic Guitar Lessons - 45 minutes

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45 min
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Acoustic Guitar Lessons - 45 minutes-0

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Throughout our classes together we will cover everything you need to know to comfortably to pick up an acoustic guitar. Whether that is around the campfire, in a band, or to write your own songs.

What you'll learn

On top of learning modern and classic songs, we will also explore your musical interests, and blend your favourite songs into our classes.
Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate player, my classses are tailored to anyone who wants to learn or expand on their knowledge in mastering their instrument.

Includes all of the following, but not limited to:

•	Guitar tuning, understanding guitar string names, note orders, sharp notes and full notes as well as body parts of the guitar
•	Learning how to properly hold down frets, and correct strumming techniques in both directions
•	Understanding melody structure and basic time signatures
•	Learning to read tablatures
•	Power chord
•	Chord Progressions
Including all basic 7 chords 
E major/minor, A major/minor, D major/minor, 
G major/minor, C major/minor, F major/minor and a B major/minor

•	Controlling rhythm and mastering different types of strumming patterns.
•	Melody control, individual string picking
•	Hammer-on/Pull offs, Bends and Slides
•	Guitar solos
•	Fingerpicking 
•	Use of the capo, and alternate tunings
•	Blues pentatonic scales and its utilization 
•	Understanding of musical keys, and how they affect the notes we are able to use within them
•	Understanding major and minor chromatic scales
•	Minor and Major barre chords
•	7th chords
•	Musical key detection and the circle of 5ths.

and more...

Some of the notes you will receive throughout classes include: tablatures, audio files as well as drum tracks.

This class is perfect for

New and existing players (beginners, intermediate) who are looking to expand their knowledge, and master their instrument.
My classes are suited for kids 8+ years old, and adults.
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Meet Michal Kvicinsky,

Your teacher

Professionally teaching since 2014 under our family-owned music school, Kvicinsky Music.

What to bring

Acoustic Guitar (junior sized or parlour guitar recommended for ages 8-11)
Guitar Tuner, Guitar Pick, Camera

How to participate

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zoom callIf you haven’t already, download Zoom for free on your computer or smartphone in advance.