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Meditation basics - theory and practice

What you'll learn

What is meditation?
Why is it good?
How to do it?
What happens if I do it?

We'll focus on the understanding first and then we'll put it into practice, so you will be able to do it by yourself as well.

This class is perfect for

Who are curious and interested (and want to understand) in meditation, but didn't know how to start it (or started it but thought "eh it's not for me)

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Jan 01-07, 1970

Learn ,fitness-and-wellbeing.meditation, with Balázs T | Amphy

Balázs Teszár

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I've been into mindfulness for 6 years which has been a huge part of my life ever since and it affects more and more areas of my life in a very positive way. I've been coaching for 5 years and music has been in my life since elementary school. I've been doing sports since I was 7, trying many things, immersing myself in the world of movement, doing Calisthenics giving Capoeira classes as well.

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