24 Day Yoga Challenge

with Verified Teacher
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45 min
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It's a yoga program for those who is willing to improve Mobility, Flexibility & Strength through everyday committed practice.

What you'll learn

We all have a tendency to take ourselves to the extremes by doing a very intense training once in a while...and then recover for the whole week.
Through yoga we want to transform and nourish, and main tool here is consistency or what in Sanskrit is called Sadhana - discipline of practice. Once you repeat an action for several days, mind creates a pattern - your “good habit” & health ritual. 
Body will be craving that time of connection, and you will be able to integrate your practice as an indispensable component of your day.

Consistency is the secret of mastery, and we will observe the progress in these three aspects of body function:


You will also observe the greater impact of having daily practice in your life. Feeling more grounded and connected after everyday practice, will transform the way you think, talk and act.

Observe energy flowing with the new frequency and blockages being released.

[ 01/10/21 - 10/10/21 ] - Week 1 
Fundamental Alignments and Body Awareness - Hatha Yoga 

[ 11/10/21 - 17/10/21 ] - Week 2
Breath & Move Synchronized - Slow Flow Vinyasa

[ 18/10/21 - 24/10/21 ] - Week 3
Creative & Challenging - Power Vinyasa & Animal Flow

P.S.  I recommend you reserve the package of 12 classes (x3) which gives you great discounted price and also easy permanent access link to your classroom !

Message me if would want to join the challenge but time doesn't work out for you. We can play with the schedule and time agreements. 

This class is perfect for

I’m offering this EVERYDAY 45 MIN course for beginners & intermediate level practitioners who is willing to establish their own proper asana practice routine.
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Meet Taya Mitina,

Your teacher

Certified in India, Mysore in Traditional Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, I love to experiment and to integrate the elements of Spinal Physiotherapy & Spiral Gymnastics, Movement Improvisation and play with props into my energizing sequences. All sessions are Strength & Flexibility balanced, challenging and accessible for all levels of practitioners. IG: iamlightyoga

What to bring

It might be hard to find time & financial resource to join a yoga class in a studio everyday; searching for videos on multiple platforms that anyways lack that human approach is exhausting. What if your yoga-instructor is there for you, encouraging to stay on your yogic path, right next to you anywhere you are!

How to participate

emailHead to your confirmation email or booking page, and click the button to join the stream.
zoom callIf you haven’t already, download Zoom for free on your computer or smartphone in advance.