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In my Spanish classes, we will cover all of the material you need to pass Spanish classes in school. Learn sentence structure, grammar, and easy Spanish words for conversations.

What you'll learn

With me as your Spanish tutor, you'll learn all that is necessary to communicate effectively and efficiently in Spanish. We'll cover key vocabulary and easy Spanish words. I'll teach you verb tenses, conjugation, and conversational vocabulary for travelers. For speaking fluency, we'll also have lessons on diction, pronunciation, and gender agreement. All of the tools and formulas that you need to speak and understand the beautiful language of Spanish will be revealed in these private S... 
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This class is perfect for

This class is perfect for anyone with an interest in learning to communicate in Spanish.
If you have Spanish relatives
If you are traveling soon
If you want to make a good impression in an interview

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

Enthusiasm and a desire to advance in the language.
Learn ,language-and-culture.spanish, with Curt M | Amphy

Curt McNeal

Your teacher

As far back as I can remember, I have always enjoyed learning and sharing knowledge with others. In my previous roles as Professor at the Universidad Abierta Interamericana, and as EducationUSA Academic Advisor for the US Department of State, my primary concern has always been meaningful interaction with students. As an aficionado of Spanish Language and Latin Culture, I've called Buenos Aires my home for the last 13 years. It was here that I found my passion for the language and discovered my vocation as a teacher.

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