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60 min
Private Class
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Discover how you can function optimally through kinesiology, muscle balancing, postural correction and how to get to your physical goals effectively and efficiently.

What you'll learn

Your first session will be an assessment to determine what your needs and goals are.  Following your assessment each session will be tailored to your specific needs to help you obtain your goals.  Each session is different for each person and consists of varying stretches, mobilizations, strengthening and/or movement training to help your body recruit proper muscle patterns.  Sessions can be quite intense where you will be sweating and working out at a high level, other sessions may be not as intense but needed in order to teach your body to properly recruit and retrain muscle patterns.  Each session is taught in a very specific way so you get the most out of it.   Session times are customizable- Please reach out to organize date and time.

This class is perfect for

Anyone who wants to train properly and is ready to commit to personal development.
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Meet Gina Sider,

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What to bring

Varying free weights, resistance bands, small and large foam rollers (optional but highly recommended), mat, towel, water, a good attitude and a smile!

How to participate

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