Virtual Tour of Sugar Loaf Mountain Rio de Janeiro

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Also known as "Pão-de-açúcar" these mountains by the Guanabara Bay are one of the most visited highlights in Rio de Janeiro so come with us on a virtual trip to travel to Rio de Janeiro.

What you'll learn

Travel on a cable car and enjoy one of the most beautiful spots for a sunset view in Rio de Janeiro. Go up hill and learn about the city's colonial foundations. Have an overview of the city's escapes through its geography , landmarks and zones. Enjoy the lush scenery of the Tijuca Forest and the Atlantic Ocean surrounding the views from the top of the Sugar Loaf Mountain. Why Sugar Loaf? Come and you will see! This and much more to be shared with open arms by your friendly tour guide.

Note: For many tours we can offer optional days and times. Please make an inquiry with the guide to find the best time suitable for your experience.

This class is perfect for

Nature Lovers, People who are planning their trip to Brasil
Learn ,, with Kelly T | Amphy

Meet Kelly Tavares,

Your teacher

Storyteller, arts educator, and tour guide, three main activities that I love. Photography, art of living, and traveling three hobbies I have been cultivating since graduation at the University of Fine Arts, in Brazil. I am a travel agent and an alumn from the University of Oregon, USA.

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Bring your interest, motivation and shine!

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