Private Virtual Tour to Deserts this Winter!

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20 min
Private Virtual Tour to Deserts this Winter!-0

Lets explore some of the famous Deserts in India.

What you'll learn

Lets explore the beauty of Indian Derserts and wild Camel safaris this winter in India.
you will be in complete awe of the beauty of the majestic golden sand and that safaris, so lets not wait.
join the class.....and see for yourself....

This class is perfect for

Anyone who wish to discover new places to visit.

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Jan 01-07, 1970

Learn ,nature.nature, with Garima K | Amphy

Garima Kat

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In my 18 years of teaching experience I have learnt that a room full of scholars can't educate you when you don't have the motivation to learn, while even a single teacher can mentor thousands of students who are defined by their motivation and dedication towards learning.

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