Intermediate Spanish Class: Speak & Read Spanish

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For those who have conquered Basic Spanish...this is the next class for you! My online Spanish classes are made for intermediate Spanish learners. Learn to speak Spanish and read on a higher level.

What you'll learn

In this class, students will develop more sophisticated Spanish. Improve your speaking, writing, reading and listening skills in Spanish. This is the next step to advance to intermediate Spanish. Students who take my online Spanish classes will have more confidence in their abilities.  

A discussion of Spain Spanish vs. Latin Spanish will also be examined. We'll start to learn the nuance differences in dialects of Spanish. If you speak Spanish you must also know which dialect you're speaking.  
My online Spanish classes cover all areas of Spanish language learning. From reading, writing, and comprehension to everything else. Learn intermediate Spanish words that you can use in conversation. Perfect your grammar and sound like a native speaker. After my classes, you will be able to speak Spanish and understand it and read and write on a much higher level.
It's important to note that there are different dialects of Spanish. You can speak in Spanish from Spain, or you can speak like a person that comes from Central America like costa Rica and Mexico etc. Usually each global area has their own slang and ways of referring to different things. Once you learn the basics you can pretty much understand the rest with a few minor things to learn on top.
Spanish is a great second language to learn because it is so popular. Learning how to speak Spanish opens you up to communicating with millions more people. Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world. By moving on to intermediate Spanish you are on your way to proficiency. With fluent Spanish, you can do business with Spanish speakers, travel and speak the local language, or pass your school exams on the first try.
Book my online Spanish classes today and take your Spanish language skills to the next level. Become fluent in Spanish so that you can use it when traveling or with Spanish speaking business deals and more. Spanish is a wonderful language to learn, it is the language of romance. It's spoken by so many people worldwide so let's create one more Spanish speaker, you.

This class is perfect for

Students who have studied Basic Spanish (Español basico)
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