Online Spanish Course for Kids 2-6 yrs 12 lessons

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Online Spanish Course for Kids 2-6 yrs 12 lessons-0Online Spanish Course for Kids 2-6 yrs 12 lessons-1
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Online Spanish Course for Kids 2-6 yrs 12 lessons-0

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Welcome to my complete beginner's Spanish course for kids. At the end of the course, your children will be able to have their first conversation in Spanish. Each class lasts half an hour. Children will have two classes per week for 12 weeks in a row.

What you'll learn

In this course, kids will learn Spanish from the ground up. Spanish for kids is super helpful to their mental development and opens new opportunities for them in the future. They'll develop a better understanding of the language and be able to speak to Spanish speakers. Spanish speakers are a huge community in America and the world. Being fluent in Spanish will be very useful in their future. If you want to quickly and easily learn Spanish take these kids' lessons.
If you follow my Spanish course you will be speaking Spanish after 12 lessons. Of course, children learn differently than adults. My teaching style will match that of what is best for kids learning. I'll include fun games, and songs, and engage students throughout the lesson. Learning Spanish for kids doesn't even feel like work, it's fun!
Below is a full table of contents for this Spanish for kids course's curriculum.
Week 1: My first greetings.        
                 Time to count numbers.
                 Rainbow colors (male colors).
                 Story time (Cuento).
                 Sing along.

Week 2:  Time to count numbers.
	          Greetings 2.
	          Female colors.
	          Story time.
	          Sing along with me.

Week 3:  Animals farm.
                  Introduction AND (Y).
                  Big and small.
                  Story time.
                  Sing along with me.

Week 4:  Farm animals color.
                   Big and small-Extended
                   AND (Y) - Extended.
                  Sing along with me. 

Week 5: Time to count numbers.
                  Body parts.
                  Story time.
                  Sing/dance along with me

Week 6:  Greetings 3.
                  I like and I don’t like
                  Story time.
                  Sing along with me.

Week 7:  Greetings 4.
                  Body parts.
                  It is hurting.
                  Story time.
                  Dance/sing with me.

Week 8: Farm animals.
                 Farm animals color.
	         Big and small.
	         Story time.
	         Sing along with me. 

Week 9: Fruit Colors.
	         Time to count numbers
	          I like and I don’t like
	         Story time 
	         sing along.

Week 10: Greetings 5-Farewells.
	            It is hurting.
	            Time to count numbers.
	            Story time.
	            Sing/dance along with me

Week 11: Conversation practice in Spanish.
	            Review of topics (Trim 1)

Week 12: Say your first words in Spanish.

Book this course with me today and enroll your kid or kids in the best way to learn Spanish. My online live Spanish classes are fun, engaging, educational, and easy! Spanish is an amazing language to learn, there are so many good TV shows, movies, and vacation destinations that are Spanish. The options of what you can do with fluent Spanish are endless. Can't wait to see your happy faces in class! Hasta luego.

This class is perfect for

Children who want to learn Spanish and have fun at the same time.
Ages 2-6 years old.
Learn ,kids-languages.spanish, with Darlin R | Amphy

Meet Darlin Rincon,

Your teacher

Everything started on January 7th, 2019 when I decided to be an Au Pair In the USA. I had to take care of children for 2 and a half years. At that moment, I noticed how happy teaching him Spanish made me feel. During the program, a company from India hired me to teach Spanish to Indian children from 2 to 11 years old. Since then, it's been one year of working remotely for that company. Also, I love the opportunity as a teacher to be able to share everything I know as a Spanish Teacher, human being, and professional with more students around the world.

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