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Take your kid's math and chess skills to the next level! Chess isn't just a board game, it also trains your brain. Let's play and learn together live and online!

What you'll learn

Lessons that integrate math and chess for kids in English, Armenian or Arabic! This is your kid's chance to learn while playing and having fun. We'll learn to play chess and play cool math chess games. Chess for kids not only helps with math but also develops their cognitive abilities. Who knew a board game could be so healthy?

You might ask yourself, how do you learn to play chess with math? Is chess for kids or adults?  And how can cool math chess games help my kid in school? The truth is math and chess are different but share many similar characteristics. The kind of skills it takes to effectively learn math also carry over to effectively learn chess.
In both when you learn to play chess and learn mathematics, there is a gradual sequence of advancing through concepts. For example, you wouldn't dive into advanced algebraic concepts before learning how to count first. Same in chess, you wouldn't learn advanced opening strategies before learning the basics. All the knowledge, strategy, and logic for math and chess build on the more basic concepts.  In this live online class, we'll work our way up learning in a fun engaging way for kids. 
Sometimes, it can be a real pain in the neck getting kids to learn math. It's a difficult subject for most kids, luckily live online classes make learning math fun with chess. As we play and learn kids improve their cognitive ability and logical strength.
You'll notice them improve their problem-solving skills. This can helo them with sticking with a challenge until the goal is accomplished.
If you think the only benefit your kid will get from chess is math skills, then you are very wrong. There are so many healthy effects playing chess has on the child's developing mind. It boosts cognitive abilities in many ways. Critical thinking, logic, creativity, concentration, and more are all improved by playing chess and math.
Book a class now and have the perfect fun activity for kids. Have fun learning something new and strengthening your kid's mind. If you're looking for a great brain training exercise in an engaging way, look no further than math and chess lessons for kids :)

This class is perfect for

Children between the ages of 5 and 7.
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Meet Knarik Mouradian,

Your teacher

Woman International Master and winner of multiple regional championships. A chess coach and a math teacher (with a Teaching Diploma for over 15 years.

What to bring

A free chess account on an online chess platform!

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