Mass Effect Trilogy Legendary: Private Coaching

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60 min
Private Class
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Individualized coaching to help you achieve whatever you wish to in the Mass Effect universe.

What you'll learn

I will provide advice tailored to you, allowing you to succeed in any scenario. Dominate on any difficulty! Come with questions!

I will be happy to screenshare myself playing the game while providing live commentary, if that is helpful. This game contains violence, but it's less than what you'd find in Call of Duty.

This class is perfect for

Anyone who wants to learn more about Mass Effect Legendary Edition.
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Meet Spencer Dakin,

Your teacher

I started playing video games at a young age, beginning with NES titles such as Super Mario Bros 3. I've had the pleasure of playing everything from platformers to adventure games to RPGs. I also have experience working with children as a Behavioural Interventionist and Education Assistant.

What to bring

An interest in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

How to participate

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