Letter & Picture Sorts for Early Spellers 4-6 yrs

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Letter & Picture Sorts for Early Spellers 4-6 yrs-0Letter & Picture Sorts for Early Spellers 4-6 yrs-1Letter & Picture Sorts for Early Spellers 4-6 yrs-2
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Letter & Picture Sorts for Early Spellers 4-6 yrs-0

This is a hands-on word sorting approach to word study for the letter name -alphabetic stage of spelling development for students age 4-6 years old.

What you'll learn

Word Sorting is a supplemental literacy program that teaches phonics, spelling and vocabulary which will help students improve fluency, comprehension and writing skills. Letter and picture sorts will teach student phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, initial letter sounds, and the concept of words in text. First lesson will start with a brief assessment which will determine the beginning sorts. The following lessons will focus on the spelling stages including sounds of initial a... 
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This class is perfect for

Students who are in Kindergarten or entering Grade 1 will know how to hear and spell most letter sound including sounds of initial and final consonants, short and long vowel sounds, same vowel word families, digraphs and blends in common CVC words.

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Jan 01-07, 1970

What to bring

Smile, pen/pencil, colored crayons/pencils, notebook
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Colleen Goldie

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I have been teaching for many years. My teaching experience has focused on classes from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5. During my career I have had the opportunity to work as a Student Support Teacher developing Individual education plans for student experiencing learning challenges. Each student is unique in how they process the world around them and its my job to make it a positive learning experience!

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