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30 min
Group Class
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Let's learn Spanish for kids. Come with me to talk about farm animals and how big and small they are. Also, be prepared to learn many greetings in Spanish and count some numbers. See you there :)

What you'll learn

This is a group Spanish class for kids ages 2 to 7 years old. Learn Spanish in the best way for kids to learn. We'll make Spanish classes fun with games, songs, and fun subjects. Children will be able to name farm animals in Spanish and make short descriptions of them. We are gonna make some funny noises and play some games.  Learning with kids is different than adult classes. That's why I mix in songs, games, and group activities.
It's quite beneficial for kids to learn Spanish from a young age. You're giving them a tool that can improve their future professional and personal life. Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world. There are hundreds of millions of Spanish speakers in the world. When you learn Spanish you are making yourself more employable. You also gain access to meeting new people and making new friends.
One of the best things you can do if you want to learn Spanish is to start when you're young. Language learning is a lot easier for kids. When you are young, ages 2 to 7, your mind absorbs information like a sponge.
Learning a new language at a young age also helps you understand English better. You learn about language structure and how it works which improves your English.
The culture and art that is in Spanish are another reason to learn the language. There is so much to enjoy in Spanish culture. Not to mention the entertaining pop culture of Spanish-speaking regions. Some of the best TV shows and movies are written in Spanish. Learn Spanish and you can enjoy consuming these movies in their original language. And everyone knows that watching in the language it was shot in is the best way to watch movies and TV shows.
Other ways of learning other than online courses
Reading books
Watching Spanish movies and tv
Traveling to Spanish-speaking countries and Spanish speaking environment
Speaking partner
Book a class with me and let's dive into the Spanish language and have fun. We'll learn Spanish songs, farm animals, colors, and much more. Kids love interacting and that's exactly what they will get in my class. An interactive, fun way to learn Spanish.

This class is perfect for

Children who want to learn a new language and want to fall in love with it.
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Meet Darlin Rincon,

Your teacher

Everything started on January 7th, 2019 when I decided to be an Au Pair In the USA. I had to take care of children for 2 and a half years. At that moment, I noticed how happy teaching him Spanish made me feel. During the program, a company from India hired me to teach Spanish to Indian children from 2 to 11 years old. Since then, it's been one year of working remotely for that company. Also, I love the opportunity as a teacher to be able to share everything I know as a Spanish Teacher, human being, and professional with more students around the world.

What to bring

Half hour of their time to enjoy a great class :)

How to participate

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