Introduction To Python and Programming

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Introduction To Python and Programming-0Introduction To Python and Programming-1
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60 min
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Introduction To Python and Programming-0

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Learn how to program in the Python Programming Language!

What you'll learn

Learn how to program in Python, a very friendly beginner programming language that is well sought after in the software work field. Evolve your problem solving abilities and learn how to think in new ways with programming. This class is an important base class for future programming endeavors. 

This class is perfect for

Anyone who is willing to learn how to program!
Learn ,kids-technology.programming, with Brendan C | Amphy

Meet Brendan Crawford,

Your teacher

- 2nd Year 4th Semester Software Development - Started programming in Grade 10 - Been programming for 5+ years

What to bring

Laptop/Desktop required

How to participate

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