Fun Yoga Class for Kids: Online Yoga Instructor

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60 min
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Encourage your small ones to join this playful yoga class and don't hesitate to hop on the mat yourself too - we will go through a few yoga poses to have a quality time together and help return a kido to a lovely calm!

What you'll learn

We, humans, are naturally called to understand that we are part of a collective story - we are all in some way yogis. One cannot do this without loving-kindness, generosity, and giving to others. 

Starting with yoga from childhood is a path of health, awareness and pure joy throughout the whole life - get your kids to play and cultivate  yogic values online, and see how that impacts their day-to-day life. Get  on the  yoga  mats and play!


This class is perfect for

Kids from 6 years old and their parents with or without any yoga experience
Learn ,, with Taya M | Amphy

Meet Taya Mitina,

Your teacher

Certified in India, Mysore in Traditional Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, I love to experiment and to integrate the elements of Spinal Physiotherapy & Spiral Gymnastics, Movement Improvisation and play with props into my energizing sequences. All sessions are Strength & Flexibility balanced, challenging and accessible for all levels of practitioners. IG: iamlightyoga

What to bring

Yoga Mat
Incense (Help your kido to set up, create the environment, burn a stick or Palo Santo)

How to participate

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