Beginner's Spanish for Kids: Live Online Course

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Spanish for kids! This course is completely held in Spanish, with a direct immersion to guide you from beginner to intermediate level. Gain the confidence and knowledge to listen, read, and communicate effectively in Spanish.

What you'll learn

Welcome to my live online Spanish classes for kids. In this super fun and educational course, you'll learn Spanish as a second language with me. After taking my lessons you'll be able to travel, navigate through Spanish regions, and discover culture. You will be able to interact and communicate, both informally and formally, in common situations of everyday life, tourism, and work.

Of course, kids learn Spanish differently than adults. Kids can't sit still and focus on something for long periods of time and deal with that reality I make my Spanish classes fun and engaging. We'll play games, sing songs, challenge you, and have a great old time doing it. This teaching style also helps students remember the information they've learned. You'll be surprised how much you can cover in a short amount of time this way. 

You will continuously train your Spanish listening comprehension during each lesson. You will learn the Spanish grammar and verbs and you will be able to apply everything in real life and communicate effectively. We'll learn new vocabulary every lesson and expressions that you can use in conversation. 

Live online classes are easy and convenient to attend. Most people have difficulty finding a Spanish tutor to teach their kids. With online classes, anyone from anywhere in the world can attend classes and learn Spanish. With so little effort involved, you'll be able to stay consistent with your studies and be productive. Going over the material one time isn't enough. Consistent practice is needed in order to learn and remember the lessons forever.

Book a Spanish class for kids today and get started on your learning adventure. Lessons will be fun and productive and oriented toward kids. It's easy and convenient to join my classes so there's no reason to wait. See you in class soon!

This class is perfect for

Students looking for an effective, dynamic, and easy to follow Spanish Course and who want to learn everything needed to be able to speak Spanish with confidence.
Learn ,kids-languages.spanish, with Juliana S | Amphy

Meet Juliana Saavedra,

Your teacher

I have over 10 years of experience in Hardware design, software programming and telecommunications and more than 5 years of experience developing and teaching Web and Enterprise applications using HTML, JavaScript, CSS and React Technologies.

What to bring

Desire to learn Spanish, a laptop or desktop and Internet access.

How to participate

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