2022 Goals Learn Spanish: Online Spanish Class

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Spanish - The first push 12 lessons pack Is this another year saying to yourself you're going to learn Spanish? ...and we know it won't happen AGAIN! Buuuut I'm here to push you and make this year count, I'm here to make it happen!

What you'll learn

Clase de principiantes - Adultos

¿A qué esperas para engancharte con el español?

>>> Esta es tu opción de clase perfecta si:
ya trataste de aprenderlo muchas veces sin éxito
planeas aprender español este año
está dispuesto a hacer un esfuerzo para que esto suceda esta vez y lograrlo para fines de 2022

Dale una oportunidad al español para mostrarte su romanticismo y capacidad de descripción.

Las lecciones incluyen:
- Conceptos básicos: vocabulario [presentación personal, conversación salvavidas, viajes]
- ¡Emergencia! Tengo una cita con alguien que habla español
- Cómo el español es útil para TU vida / profesión
- Preparar un discurso de presentación personal básico
- Adivinar palabras en español que conoces pero que no sabías
- Practica escuchar con tus canciones y series favoritas
- Tu primer escrito (para vencer a un estudiante de primaria - ¡garantizado! :D)
- Escribir publicaciones en redes sociales que impresionen
- Lectura fácil (de algo realmente divertido)
- Comprensión de artículos relacionados con tu profesión.


Beginners class - Adults

What are you waiting to let Spanish conquer your heart?

>>>This is your perfect class option if:
you already tried to learn it many times with no success 
you're planning to learn Spanish this year
you're willing to get some effort to make it happen this time and have it conquered by the end of the 2022

Give Spanish a chance to get you in love with its vocabulary richness.

Lessons include:
- Basics: vocabulary [introduction, lifesaving conversation, trips]
- Emergency! Gotta date a Spanish speaker
- How Spanish is useful for YOUR life/profession
- Prepare a basic introduction speech
- Guessing Spanish words you know but didn't know about it
- Practice listening with your favorite songs & series
- Your first writing (to beat an elementary school student -guaranteed! :D)
- Writing social media posts that impress
- Easy reading (of something actually fun)
- Understanding articles related to your profession

This class is perfect for

Adults pursuing the first steps to get into English
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Meet Maria Fernanda Mier,

Your teacher

QUALIFICATIONS: MA Art & Culture Management BS Business GA Level 3 TEFL EXPERIENCE: 2014 - 2021 Countries: Bolivia, USA, Italy Topics: English, Business English, Business skills, Spanish Position: School teacher, private tutor, translator Ages: 3+

What to bring

Be tired about saying "this year I'll learn English"

How to participate

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