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Hello, When I pursued my Business Studies degree, I switched from majoring in accounting to marketing as it was simply much more fun and I could engage with people more. For 20+ years, marketing and business administration was my life. When I realised just how many people would love to learn English to broaden their career opportunities, I went on to train to become, firstly, an ESL teacher and then, a business English specialist so that I could help. As I met more students, I took further training to be able to teach IELTS exam preparation. So, here I am. I’d love to hear from you if you are seeking to present more managerially, would like general help with your English or wish to attain a high enough IELTS score to study in, or emigrate to another country.

background and experience

My background & experience

I grew up in England and live near Vancouver on Canada's west coast. I have held key positions at HarperCollins, Sun Life and Intralock Tools. Having tasted the joys of working from home, I happily teach students from around the world online.

My classes and teaching style

I believe that learning comes most easily when my students are inspired, relaxed, having fun, and when they are provided with classes that are relevant to their specific needs. These are also conducive to learning that lasts. As much as possible, I incorporate real-life materials such as business reports, manuals and job postings. As well, I believe that role-play and plenty of chances to practise is important.

My certifications

BA (Hons) Business Studies, Certified eBusiness Strategist, Certified ESL, Business English and IELTS instructor.