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Hi there ! And welcome. I'm Soufiane, a CFA Charterholder, former investment banker and private equity manager turned certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practitioner. Not your usual career move, I know! But I've been driven by a profound desire to help others, and alleviate a bit of the suffering, anxiety or depression that many of us go through. So if you're looking to live a more fulfilling life, either in your relationships or in your career, let's talk it out!

background and experience

My background & experience

Any external problem we may be faced with, calls for an internal resource we can tap into in order to improve our situation. That's what 300+ hours in my CBT practice convinced me of. In fact, through my sessions, I've helped people with professional (team management, motivation, professional transitions, entrepreneurship) and personal (relationships, self-confidence, anxiety management) issues. In addition, I offer today online personal development, courses to an audience that includes over 2500 satisfied participants. Through my sessions and trainings, I've supported my clients in the enhancement of their careers, mental well-being and fulfillment through the acquisition of interdisciplinary skills (emotional intelligence, communication, personal development and much more)

My classes and teaching style

I've always hated conversations where people talk AT you. I'm much more into interacting with others. And that's what I do in my classes, engage with my audience, ask them questions, appeal to their own intelligence and critical thinking so that they come out of a session feeling like they've really grasped something useful, instead of simply memorizing a generic concept they wouldn't apply. But don't get me wrong, my approach is also methodical and structured. Indeed, my teaching style includes (1) concepts aimed at enhancing your self-awareness, (2) theories derived from the latest research in analytical psychology, CBT and neurolinguistic programming literature, and (3) tangible tools you can use in your everyday life.

My certifications

Certified CBT Practitioner Certified Life Coach From the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
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Kaylee L

Kaylee L

Amazing teacher!! Absolutely l

Amazing teacher!! Absolutely loved this lesson and learnt so much

Michele M

Wonderful experience, Soufiane

Wonderful experience, Soufiane manages to convey difficult concepts in a simple fashion

Vanessa L

Excellent trainer with useful

Excellent trainer with useful tools! The presentation was great and I highly recommend

Kaylee L

Kaylee L

Absolutely amazing! I really e

Absolutely amazing! I really enjoyed this session and highly recommend!!!