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I'm a bit of an eccentric person who pursues a wide variety of interests. As a result, I have an eclectic assortment of skills and hobbies which I love to share with other people! They range from practical and mundane to esoteric in the extreme.

background and experience

My background & experience

I have worked professionally both as a Sous-Chef and as an Architectural Technologist (A.T.) for a number of years. I'm currently back in university pursuing my Master's of Architecture, and have a background in Art and History. I'm also an avid gamer, having been gaming since I was 5 years old, and I particularly love games that involve building and strategy. During my time as a Sous-Chef I had some responsibility in training and mentoring new cooks regarding proper food safety, cooking, and basic knife skills. While I earned my Dip. A.T. at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, I worked as a peer tutor through the school for both first and second year A.T., helping them learn to properly use the software suites that were required for our course work as well as how to interpret building code.

My classes and teaching style

My initial classes are all about the basics of cooking: basic food safety, proper knife skills, and basic foundational sauces which can be applied to a multitude of different dishes. I intend to also develop courses in architectural and interior design principles as well as courses encompassing the basics of many of the software suites that are used within those industries. I also intend to create gaming courses which apply design principles for building whatever you can imagine in games such as Minecraft or Valheim. I'm also contemplating creating some courses in digital photography as I have significant experience with that through my undergraduate. I'm generally a very patient teacher and am methodical in my approach to teaching. I also like to teach through example followed by allowing students to practice what they have been taught and providing commentary and advice for them.

My certifications

Dip. Architectural Technology