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I have two loves: Israel and Hebrew. I spent 17 years teaching Hebrew in a school in the US, and then started teaching Hebrew online. I love it! I am also a licensed tour guide that loves taking people around this beautiful country, showing them its' history, geography, etc. This can be done physically, and it can be virtually. Both ways are rewarding and fun.

background and experience

My background & experience

I've been teaching Hebrew in a school setting as well as teaching teenagers and adults for many years. I've been a guide since 2018, and see it as a vocation - I get to share my love of Israel with other people, show them where the Bible actually happened, and show them the many faces of this amazing land! For both teaching and guiding I have experience with small groups (from one on one) to large groups (I've guided a group of 45 live, and over 250 in a virtual tour).

My classes and teaching style

I am both informative and friendly. I love interactions and so I appreciate questions.

My certifications

I am a certified tour guide in Israel.