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A program about who you could become.

What you'll learn

Hello friends,

You don’t always get to choose your circumstances. You choose how you react to them... That means you’ve always, ALWAYS done what you wanted! And sure, this may sound harsh if what you're getting out of life so far isn't aligned with what you wish for. 

But fortunately, this realization means that you can change your future for the better with EVERY choice you make at this moment. And this is exactly what I can provide you with: a structured and empathetic framework to help you figure out the choices that are best-suited for you, and devise an action plan to carry them out. 

So, whether you're experiencing problems with your career or in the workplace, with your relationships, your mental health, procrastination, a lack of motivation... Let's talk about it. 

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This class is perfect for

Anyone who's committed to changing their lives for the better
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Meet Soufiane El Alaoui,

Your teacher

Any external problem we may be faced with, calls for an internal resource we can tap into in order to improve our situation. That's what 300+ hours in my CBT practice convinced me of. In fact, through my sessions, I've helped people with professional (team management, motivation, professional transitions, entrepreneurship) and personal (relationships, self-confidence, anxiety management) issues. In addition, I offer today online personal development, courses to an audience that includes over 2500 satisfied participants. Through my sessions and trainings, I've supported my clients in the enhancement of their careers, mental well-being and fulfillment through the acquisition of interdisciplinary skills (emotional intelligence, communication, personal development and much more)

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