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World News & Discussion - Learn to Speak Spanish-0

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Interactive, engaging, and enriching discussion format around current global issues. Learn how to speak Spanish with Classes in Spanish. Instead of boring Spanish class take this fun way to learn.

What you'll learn

This is a student-centred lesson in which we will learn Spanish by discussing the latest world news. I offer classes in Spanish so you can practice the language. We will start by either watching the news or reading a news article. Students will be expected to report the news, explain the problem, draw conclusions and give their opinion on the topic. All participoation will be done in Spanish to strengthen your abilities.

In this class, students will enhance their communicative skills and broaden their vocabulary. Student's will learn how to speak Spanish and how to read and write by discussing the world news. Through speaking and reading together in our live Spanish class we'll improve all areas of Spanish such as:
- Basic vocabulary
- Grammar and sentance structure
- Conversational words and expressions
- Spelling and writing
- Reading comprehention
- Spanish from different countries and regions

We will also focus on language mistakes and pronunciation. I'll put a special focus on your weaker areas that need improvement. Students will also receive feedback on their performance. This way you can learn how to speak Spanish fluently. 

There's many reasons to learn Spanish, after all, Spanish is one of the most spoken languges in the world. If you're looking for classes in Spanish for travel, to speak to relatives, for school, business or whatever reason, this class is here for you. By taking my Spanish class you're one step closure to Spanish speaking profficieancy.
Acquire mastery of all four language skills through world news and discussion. When learning a language listening, speaking, reading, and writing are the four language skills that you need. By actively speaking, reading, and writing in my class all four language skills will be boosted. I'll be here to correct your mistakes and focus on areas of Spanish that are harder for you to grasp.
Book a live Spanish class with me today and reach the goals that you set. Pass your exams in school or travel to a Spanish-speaking country or do whatever it is that you want to do with your Spanish fluency.  It's a beautiful language to learn with amazing cultures speaking it. There are incredible Spanish-speaking countries to visit and interesting people to talk to. So what are you waiting for? Let's have some discussions in Spanish today!

This class is perfect for

Intermediate or advanced students of Spanish as a Foreign Language who would like to practise the language and improve their communicative skills.
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Meet Lucas Calvo,

Your teacher

I hold a BA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, as well as a postgraduate degree in English Language. I have also earned an MA in Spanish Teaching. I have been working as a teacher in formal educational settings both in Argentina and Spain for over 25 years. In the art field, I have studied at the School of Puppetry and Object Theatre from Universidad de San Martín, Buenos Aires. In 2019, I obtained a postgraduate degree in Storytelling and started giving online workshops for students across the world.

What to bring

Notebook and pen. A printer might come in handy.

How to participate

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