Work-Life Integration in the New Normal

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45 min
Group Class
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This Masterclass is to give you a blueprint of achieving Work-Life Integration . It seeks to bring work & life closer together. It is a logical evolution from work-life balance. It invovles managing work & family priorities simultaenously.

What you'll learn

Work-Life Integration involves blending both personal & professional responsibilities, rather than viewing work & personal time as seperate entities, busy professionals can find areas of compromise. The largest advantage of work-life integration is flexibility, when employees are able to properly co-ordinate their schedules & responsibilities, they are more likely to experience satisfaction in all areas of life.
Studies have showed that Employees who are less stressed are generally more engaged, have higher morale and are more productive.
In this class we would dive deep into the following-
1. Stress
2. Key drivers of Stress
3. How to Manage Stress effectively
4. What is Work-Life Balance
5. What is Work-Life Integration
6. Differences between Work-Life Balance & Work-Life Integration
7. How to achieve Work-Life Integration in Personal & Professional Responsibilities

This class is perfect for

Anyone who is struggling to find the right work-life integration recipe.
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Meet Jonathan Okanlawon,

Your teacher

I am the Co-Founder/CEO of Global Croft Ltd, A Management Consulting Company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Alongside Global Croft Ltd, I am the Co-Founder/Executive Director of Ruby Energy Solutions Ltd, A Renewable Energy Company based in Lagos, Nigeria & Trinidad & Tobago Co-Founder/Executive Director of Ruby Unique Natural Premium Products Ltd, An Agricultural/Agro-Allied Company based in Lagos, Nigeria I am a Management Consultant with over 16years experience in the Consulting Sector, I have gained relevant experience across various sectors of the economy. I have been privileged to consult for Startups, medium sized organisations & Large organisations( both local & International ) Over the years I have been involved in building companies and I currently sit on various boards due to my experience

What to bring

Come with an open mind which is ready to learn. In addition, come with your notebooks, Laptops to take notes

How to participate

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