Value Investing and Fundamental Stock Course

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30 min
Group Course
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A step by step approach to stock investing and analysis for the budding value investor.

What you'll learn

The class will have a breakdown in 8 sections and each section will play a keen role in making you to understand stock market and its various segments, through the classes students will find themselves amist ample of stock market knowledge.
Session 1;🧐

Budding investors will have an improved UNDERSTANDING of listed stock analysis

Session 2;🧐

Students will be able to REVIEW and compare company financial statements
Session 3-5;🧐

Students will be able to DEFINE, CALCULATE & APPLY key investment ratios in selecting under-valued stocks
Session 6;🧐

Students will be able to *APPLY* conservative valuation and margin of safety principles when investing in stocks
Session 7;🧐

Students will gain an APPRECIATION of the need for discipline, rigorous research and risk management when investing in stocks.
and in the last session (Session 8)
 I'd appreciate any doubt or questionnaire from the students.
Be it beginner, Intermediate or an expert the first stage is to understand and know better the whole process, I see this class as a perfect fit for you to get a grasp of the stock market world.

This class is perfect for

Anyone who would like to know about stock market.
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Meet Abhay Singh,

Your teacher

I have a broad experience in the Marketing Finance and Stock field for at least six years, this field is an ever-growing one, and I wish to mentor you through my experiences.

What to bring

No prerequisites. Just the right attitude in wanting to build your own long term investment plan.

How to participate

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