Uniform CPA Exam Review training & tutoring

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60 min
Private Class
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You are preparing for the CPA exam and you are having some struggles - You want some help with a challenging topic

What you'll learn

We will set up a zoom session where you will share your CPA exam review materials and we will review the simulation excercises and the multiple choice questions that are giving you a challenge

This class is perfect for

Any college graduate preparing for the CPA exam who needs extra help.
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Meet Jeff Koblenz, CPA, MS,

Your teacher

Former NYU adjunct professor with many years of business experience. I run classes on financial topics, I tutor CPA candidates. My background is in finance, accounting, real estate and insurance!

What to bring

Have your CPA prep materials ready for the class

How to participate

emailHead to your confirmation email or booking page, and click the button to join the stream.
zoom callIf you haven’t already, download Zoom for free on your computer or smartphone in advance.