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In our pub-style trivia competition, your group is placed into randomized teams, guided through 3 rounds of unique questions by our professional quiz masters, and ultimately find out who the true trivia champions are!

What you'll learn

Team Trivia is our premier fully-facilitated team building experience. Played similarly to a pub-style trivia quiz you’d find at your local pub, only brought straight to wherever your team is located.

The event will be hosted by a funny and engaging TriviaHub quizmaster live on Zoom who will guide your team through the steps and handle all questions and logistics. They’ll start by providing instructions to the team on how everything will work. They’ll then break your group off into teams of up to 10 people and guide them through 3 different rounds of general knowledge trivia questions that have been crafted for a perfect balance of difficulty, categories, and format. All questions are localized for wherever your team is based.

Each team will record their answers on an easy-to-use online answer sheet provided at the start of the game. Teams will review their answers together between each round while the host tallies points and reveals the leaderboard. The final round crowns the winning team and any ties are broken with a special tie-breaker question. 
Ready to see who the true trivia masters are on your team? 

•	1-25 attendees: $299
•	26-75 attendees: $529
•	76-200 attendees: $849

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If your team is 100% virtual or hybrid, it’s never been easier to gather and bring the best professional entertainers right to their devices, virtually.

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