The Reality of Reality TV

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45 min
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Do you love Reality TV? Have you ever wanted to audition for a Reality Show? Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes as a contestant in a Reality TV show? What is real and what is scripted?

What you'll learn

In this class I  will walk you through my audition process, how I prepped to be on Project Runway and what it took to win. From what a typical day looks like, what is reality and what is "scripted", what the judges are really like to leveraging your participation into a career--let this class be your guide to competing on Reality TV. I will be answering any questions you may have and can't wait to reveal the Reality of Reality TV

This class is perfect for

Anyone who is a fan of Reality TV or TV in general
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Meet Ashley Tipton,

Your teacher

Plus-size designer and Reality TV star, Ashley Nell Tipton, has taken the fashion world by storm, putting her plus-size collection on the runway during New York Fashion Week in 2015 and winning Project Runway with the first-ever plus-sized collection. Ashley has become an outspoken voice on the topics of Self-Acceptance, Self-Love, and Self-Care. She launched her own Youtube show “The Love “YOU” Show in 2020 and continues to inspire and educate. She has also launched numerous fashion lines and even launched her own e-commerce website. Ashley knows what it is like to style and accessorize many body types because she has herself gone from a size 28 (when she was on Project Runway) to her current size of 16! She has been featured in the USA today, Marie Claire, In-Style, Bustle, O, People Magazine, and many other publications. She was recently selected for Forbes 30 under 30.

What to bring

Optional -watch season 14 of Project Runway (If you can't watch the entire season-watch the 2-part finale.)

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