The Perfect Fun & Stretch Yoga From India

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60 min
Group Class
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Staying fit with Yoga, Music & Meditations has been a family practice for us & with so many options of Yoga courses & practices nearby, we have grown up practicing Yoga & Meditation exercises for both mental & physical well being.

What you'll learn

A young yoga trainer Kapil is full of energy and happiness. He has been conducting yoga classes in pandemic to help people feel a little more healthy happy and wise!
Are you looking for unique and healthy experience? Are you stressed out from work? Lets begin the holiday joy with some streches !

Are you bored and your body get stiffed because of sitting infront of your laptop for a long. You must be wondering how this can be different from others? in these 60 mins we will provide you a unique service in which you feel relaxed, flexibility, stretch your body and muscles, reduce your fat and build your inner strength. 

Get into a candid talk with Kapil as he introduces himself and you get to talk, discuss and know your health issues. 

Next we will start with some warm-up exercises. The whole class will be carefully guided while moving to exercise the mind too, every exercise will have variations for each level.
We will create a sequence special for your type of body we will also get some time to solve any question about your practice.

In 60minutes you will be immersed into fun movements doing-
1. Breathing exercises
2. Deep Meditation
3. Yoga for body parts
4. Vedic Sleep
5. Detox body
6. Yoga for stress, anxiety, immunity
7. Weight loss
8. Yoga with props for kids (on request)
9. Strength, gratitude, mobility training
10. Desk yoga

This experience will leave you feeling more connected to yourself and energized by your surroundings.

At the end of the of the lesson you will feel more active, energetic and with reduced level of stress.

This class is perfect for

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Meet Keshav Aggarwal,

Your teacher

I loves to explore street art to find the representation of life, nature & society in them as done by artists. I bring my own perspectives when I host this experience & have been speaking to artists on short walks to understand what goes inside an artist's mind when they paint. I spend time spotting new murals on weekends!

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