The Chipotle Black Bean Burger

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Join Andy from Andy's East Coast Kitchen, in making his popular chipotle black bean burger recipe. This vegetarian burger will surprise and delight even the most passionate meat-eaters. Great when paired with lemon black pepper wedges.

What you'll learn


In this live online session, you'll meet with the talented Andy Hay of Andy's East Coast Kitchen and MasterChef Canada Season 5, and cook live with him. By the end of this Master Series, you'll have your very own black bean burger with a side of lemon black pepper wedges to devour. This mouthwatering, vegan burger is one of Andy's favorites of all time. You're about to witness the recipe of a Masterchef Canada finalist. 

What's for dinner you ask? Put on your apron, grab your chef's hat and let's hop in Andy's kitchen to find out!

Many home cooks are looking for ways to reduce the amount of meat they are eating but find it difficult to find recipes that stand up. This Chipotle Black Bean burger is one of those meals that I can guarantee will impress even the most loyal meat eaters. 

The texture, flavor, and approachability of this recipe makes it one of my go to meals for guests at my house. 

I mean, who doesn’t love a burger!!

Very few foods hold as much sanctity as a good burger. It's a staple food beloved by everyone in the family. It's no wonder people have trouble switching to plant-based burgers. 

The truth is vegan burgers have many benefits over the meet hamburger. They may not taste exactly the same, but they do come in a variety of flavors and textures. Everyone loves having choices after all. They're healthier with plenty of nutrients as well. You can always be sure that the ingredients in a vegan burger are safe and clean. No more pink slime from a certain burger joint I won't name.  

So book a MasterSeries session with me today and prepare your taste buds. Joining the session to watch without cooking is totally acceptable and encouraged. You can take notes or just enjoy the deliscious-looking ingredients being cooked before your eyes. For everyone else, get the kitchen ready because this burger is divine. See you all soon!

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Meat Lovers
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Meet Andy Hay,

Your teacher

Andy Hay is a Chef and content creator from the East Coast of Canada. His high energy, approachable personality and recipes has helped him build a loyal following of home cooks who look to him to help answer the age old question of “Whats for Dinner?”. Through his blog ( and his social media accounts (@Andyseastcoastkitchen on IG and TikTok) Andy aims to connect with home cooks to make cooking more fun and approachable. Andy got his start in the food world after competing in 2 seasons of Masterchef where he finished runner up both times.

What to bring

- A Bowl
- A can of Black Beans
- 1 egg
- Spices
- Herbs
- Flour
- Garlic
- Red Onions
- Lime Zest
- Chipotle
- Peppers in Adobo Sauce
- Carrots
- Cookie Cutter
- Mayonnaise
- Tomato
- Lettuce
- Vegan Cheese

How to participate

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