The Art of Public Speaking

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Have you ever gotten up to speak and suddenly been rushed with fear, flooded with doubt, or, even worse, choked? Ever wondered how you can transform this nightmare into a superpower that’ll smash your presentation right out of the park?

What you'll learn

 From starting out as a shy kid who could only answer people in a silly voice without eye contact and would sweat through my clothes when standing up to speak, to becoming an award-winning presenter, director, a leader of an empowerment following, and CEO of an expanding business with international reach. I’ve made all the mistakes so that together we can cut through fear, understand the science of presenting, and turn your speaking into an art.

I’m here to teach you what actually works and get you out of your own way. I’m here to help you win.

Left to your own devices, you may waste your precious time practicing what you think will work but then drop it all at the crucial moment, or you may avoid solidifying your presentation in the hope that winging it will save you – only to get in a flap or, even worse, chicken out on your golden opportunity to shine. It’s time to make the impact that you know you’re capable of by mastering how to make fear work for you, getting trained by a pro in the science of speaking, and flipping your mindset from prey to slay.

I’ll get you up on your feet and learning what you can take away and own:

How to structure your writing, the presentation itself, and how to craft the experience your audience receives from start to finish so you are in control.

Speaking and presentation techniques to eliminate issues and capitalise on your natural strengths.

And how to flip your mindset so you crush public speaking and communicate effectively in-person and virtually - setting you up for the new world to come.

So you can become the master of influence and rocket your communication to a whole new level. It’s time to speak up - rather than putting your life on mute.

Book me in now and see how just 20 minutes of fun can give you the tools to change your life.

This is the moment where you can finally discover your voice, nail the skills you need to revolutionise your life and your success, and unleash your unique creativity that can only come from you…or stay as you have been, stagnate your professional life, and silently ruminate to yourself that you didn’t do a thing.

The workshop includes (and is not limited to):

Your successful presentation blueprint
Opening, audience engagement, and closing
Presentation content technique and visual aids
Presenting technique
Being yourself
Your mindset
How to troubleshoot panicking and challenges

This class is perfect for

Have you ever gotten up to speak and suddenly been rushed with fear, flooded with doubt, or, even worse, choked? Then this is for you!
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